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Arthur Aguirre is an independent Analytics Consultant with over 10 years of experience successfully delivering data and analytic services to clients. 

He primarily works with senior level Marketing, Market Research, Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence professionals and strategist to uncover trends, behavioral patterns and insights in survey and transactional data that drive business decisions.  As a strategic partner, he works closely with clients to develop solutions that directly impact the success of their markets, brand, products and initiatives.

His broad analytic expertise includes traditional statistical techniques (predictive modeling, segmentation analysis and data reduction techniques), text and data mining methodologies and machine learning algorithms.  As a tech savvy entrepreneur, he works with a multitude of programming languages and open source and proprietary platforms to efficiently deliver scalable solutions.


Portfolio of services includes:

  • Technical: data management and reporting services
  • Data: database marketing and mining services
  • Analytic: statistical modeling
  • Data integration: combining information for deeper analytics


Examples of past work includes:

  • Data mining web logs to develop proprietary customer segments.
  • Survey analytics for market research initiatives and employee based assessments.
  • Sentiment analysis to compliment traditional market research metrics.
  • Latent variable modeling to gain deeper consumer insights.
  • Importance modeling to pinpoint product attribute importance.
  • Automating visualization and crosstabulation solutions for scalable reporting.